White Collar Crime

At Chaugule and associates, we have lawyers who concentrate their practice in the areas of white collar defense and criminal law. Included within the group are a former Public Advocate and Public Defender for central government, several former state and central prosecutors, and numerous former judicial clerks. The law firm’s attorneys are actively involved in all local, state and national bar associations, and are members of all major associations of attorneys practicing criminal law.

At Chaugule and associates,  we havehandled a number of high-profile prosecutions involving the representation of :

  • High Ranking government officials in public corruption cases
  • Corporate clients in such diverse areas as federal investigations of union corruption by corporate officials and criminal environmental probes
  • Health care & Information technology companies in investigations
  • Brokerage firms in criminal investigations and trials
  • Individuals crime

At Chaugule and associates our Criminal Defense attorney serves clients in these distinct situations :

  • Before criminal activity has occurred
  • After a client suspects criminal activity may have occurred, but before formal charges are brought
  • After formal charges are brought
  • Complaint cases
  • An Ounce of Prevention
  • Many clients can avoid potentially difficult and embarrassing situations – and resulting criminal charges – if proper precautions are taken in advance
  • An important first step is an audit of standard business practices to ensure compliance with applicable law. This is especially important in highly regulated industries
  • The Law Firm’s attorney will meet with senior management to formulate a plan for the scope of an internal audit. The usual course is to interview key employees and then prepare a written report summarizing the attorney’s findings and recommendations
  • Thereafter, the Law Firm conducts seminars for corporate employees to discuss the results of the audit, implement suggested changes, and educate on sensitive areas and on how to avoid pitfalls

In addition, Chaugule and associates  can also assist clients to :

  • Develop procedures for conducting an internal investigation
  • Prepare corporate officials for the steps to take when a corporate employee is suspected of criminal conduct
  • Alert companies to the signs of possible criminal conduct by competitors
  • Stop, Look and Listen
  • A confidential internal memorandum, a knock at the door by a Police, court – all are warnings that criminal conduct may have occurred and that formal criminal charges could be forthcoming. Too often, the initial reaction is to act first – confront the author of the memo, speak with the agent, cooperate with the police & court – and to think later, sometimes when it is too late
  • Early decisions and conduct at the outset of an investigation can determine the outcome of the case. It is important to get experienced attorneys involved before critical decisions are made

The firm advises clients to turn to the Group immediately :

  • Upon service of a notice of the court
  • When police arrive to execute a search warrant
  • When contacted by prosecutors or law enforcement officers
  • Upon receipt of a notice for administrative inspection
  • Attorneys in the law firm have the experience to assess the situation and implement a plan designed to
  • minimize the potential exposure and the disruption to productivity caused by an investigation
  • By establishing a relationship with the prosecuting authority to determine the scope and parameters of the probe, meeting with the relevant individuals, reviewing the subject documents, and analyzing the applicable law, the law firm’s attorneys can quickly assess the situation, evaluate possible resolutions and decide on strategy. Always, the goal is to provide clients with valuable options so that the best decision as to how to proceed can be made
  • The Search for the Truth
  • In most circumstances, the defense is faced with two competing and difficult alternatives: accept the prosecution’s offer and plead guilty to certain charges, or proceed to trial and allow the court to decide the outcome. Neither choice is easily made; each can have life-altering consequences
  • Accordingly, the decision as to which route to take must be made with great caution, thought and circumspection, and most importantly, with the assistance of an attorney who possesses the experience and skills to accurately assess and weigh the strengths and weaknesses of both options
  • What to do is a difficult decision; choosing a defense team should not be. The law firm’s attorneys have tried and won criminal cases of all kinds in central and state courts. The law firm’s criminal defense practitioners will assist in making the best decision and, once that decision is made, will utilize the firm’s resources to achieve the best possible result